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  Hand Cricket! I bet if you're a student like me in India you'd definitely know that it's most enjoyable hand game one can play at anytime and anywhere. If you know the rules of cricket then it's pretty simple to understand this game. Game of cricket consists of 3 parts: Toss:  Here you have to select heads or tails... if the luck is on your side and the tossed coin flips to the side you selected then you'll have the advantage of selecting whether to bat first or bowl first... on the other hand if you loose; the advantage is taken by the opponent 1 st innings : What you do in the first inning is decided by the Toss. 2 nd Innings: Here's the interesting and final part of the game... Rise to defend if you have batted first and score at will and win if you'd chosen to bowl first Batting and Bowling in Hand cricket :  In the game you have fixed amount of wickets ( lives ), you have to score before you loose all your wickets At each turn,


(Album art by Vamsi ) This is a simple text based strategy game ... an evolution of Rock, paper, scissors game. In this game, two robots are pitted against each other and your main aim is to make the health of another bot 0. To accomplish this, each player has got three options; Charge, Shoot, Defend. Charge : Charges you up and enables you to attack. You cannot shoot with 0 charges. Shoot : Deals 5 damage to the opponent. (Requires at least 1 Charge) Defend : Defends and protects your health. Plan wisely and defeat your opponent before you get defeated. Compete against the computer to test your luck and skill! This first ever game published by me... hope the Exe file below works on your PC, anyway, I've provided code below! NOTE: Not compatible with all systems... Hope it works on yours... .exe Download  (   Click Run Anyway when you are prompted  ) If it doesn't run on your system, nothing to fret about. I provided the code below, paste it into yo