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Building a web site using C++!

Hello there! This post is about the C++ application that I developed yesterday. This application can be used to build a Website! I had this idea in my mind for quite some time. I took the time and developed it at last :). The main purpose of the application is to build a simple customizable website using C++ to write HTML pages(more about it later).Some of the features of the application are: You can have as many pages as you want. A link is provided to each and every page in every page You can add content as much as you want in each page You can set the background colour, text colour and font style of each and every page  Here's a video of it: If you are wondering how I might've developed this application, then here's a little information. I created a class called WebSite and another class called WebPage . WebPage holds information about each individual page's colour, font style, text colour, content etc. The  WebSite  class is used to hold the val

HOW TO CREATE TEXT GAMES USING C! : PART 4 (Rock, Paper, & Scissors game)

This is the fourth part of the series of how to create text games using C. If you haven't seen the previous posts check them out by clicking the links below: PART 1 : Using the rand() function PART 2 : Getting started!   PART 3: Constructing a menu Coming to part 4, here we are going to create the classic Rock, Paper, & Scissors game using the knowledge from the previous three posts. If you haven't gone through the previous posts, I'd recommend you to go through them as they're very easy to understand and take hardly any time for you to complete reading them. So till now we have learned how to use the rand() function, prompting for and scanning the user's actions and also how to construct a menu for a game. Now is the time that we bring together all these small elements together and create a fun game of Rock, Paper, and Scissors(from now on I'll be calling it as RPS for simplicity). So before talking about the code, it's good to think ab