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Developing Minesweeper using Java

It's been a while since I've posted anything on my blog. The reason being that lately, I've been learning new languages like Python and Java. Well anyways, I've taken the time to develop Minesweeper game using Java applets. This game also got GUI which I've created using the components provided by Java. Here are a few pictures of the game. Here's the video of my game: There are two classes in my game: Board class : This class provides the backend logic of building the board for the minesweeper game. This class has also got methods using which user can play the game on command prompt itself. I've commented out the methods required for running the game on cmd ( the * beside a method listed below denotes that the method was commented ). If you're interested in playing on cmd, fiddle around with invoking methods in the main method(create one!) and see if you can run it :). The various methods in Board class are: Board() *:  Constr