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Creating own header files for statistics

I was always interested in the subject of 'Probability & Statistics'. So I went ahead and created a header file to help me solve the questions present in the text book I was studying.

I've developed two header files:
measures.h: It has all the functions to measure the various measures used in statistics like mean, median, variance, deviation This contains the definitions of two data-types 'univariateData' and 'bivariateData'. These are helpful in processing data right on input and giving out details about the given data. They are immutable(can't be edited).*Note: Don't include measures.h if data.h is already included because data.h has measures.h declared in it.
The cool part is that just 2 lines of code and user input are now enough to analyze any univariate data or bivariate data and display the info!
Here's an example: (source:
About the data: The given data is about the use …